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Getting started

Please let us know if our offer seems reasonable to you. As we are obliged to identify you and to sign our agreement, we can then make an appointment and provide you with our checklist concerning documents needed. In order to do the preparations from our side we would additionally need copies of your valid identity card or passport. To verify your address(es) please also provide proof such as German “Meldebescheinigung” or equivalent documents in case of foreign places of residence.

You are a non-resident taxpayer or not (yet) arrived in Germany? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us in English and we will find out together what your needs are!

Just give us a call (+49 2222 94 10-0 or +49 30 2 88 76 99-0) to make an appointment with an English speaking tax advisor in one of our branches or send us an email (bornheim@bpw-online.de or berlin@bpw-online.de).